Hsc Result 2019 Published Date

Hsc result 2019 published date. Hsc result 2019 published date is given below with All Education Boards. HSC result 2019 is the second largest of the results of the Bangladesh Board of Education. Result published at 2:00 AM. Results are published almost every year at the All Education Board.

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Hsc Result 2019 Published Date

HSC Result 2019 after the examination, the HSC exam results may be published for some time in the year 2015 Note that on April 1, 2019, the HSC and equivalent examinations of the Higher Secondary Certificate started in Bangladesh together in the year 2019 Starting on 1st April, the thesis of the theoretical subjects will end on May 11 and May 12, and practical tests will begin on 21st May. A total of 13 lakh 51 thousand 505 examinees took part in 10 board exams this year. There are two thousand five hundred forty six centers in the country. This year HSC Result 2019 and Diploma in Business Studies (DIBS) DIBS Result 2011 will be published in the second week of July. Result of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/ will be available through HSC Result 2019.

Apart from the HSC results published on the website of the Education Board, we also tell you through our web site.

When will HSC Result 2019 be published? - HSC Result 2019

Usually, the Ministry of Education has been publishing results within two months of the end of the examination. Last year HSC Result 2019 was published on July 19, 018. So this year, the HSC Result will be published in the year end of July. In this time of the test and after the results of the results, after reading the rest, you will read this below.

How to get the HSC Result 2019?

At the end of the exam, everyone is wondering when the results will be out and how to get the results first? Many people are getting results from the college, but in the era of the Internet, you can get your own handset or laptop with the result of your test results or results.

On the day of the results of HSC exam, millions of people tried to enter the education board's web site, so the server is sometimes down. And the results of the education board's website's website were a bit big because many people failed to remember it. This is our small effort for them. You can click here to go to the Education Board's website and you can also check your result or from our website your test results.

When will HSC Result 2019 be published?

HSC Result 2014 was published on August 13, 2014, HSC Result 2015 was published on August 9, 2015, HSC result 2016 published on 18th August, 2016, HSC result published on 23rd July, 2017, HS C Result 2011 was published on July 19th. And this year HSC Result 2011 will be published in the month of July.'

How to get HSC Result 2019:

You can get HSC result 2019 results in two ways:

1) Get results via SMS on mobile:

To get the results of the ASS (HSC result 2019) test results go to the mobile option's message option:

SSC Space: Enter your roll name space 2019 from the first three letters of your board and send it to 16222.

Example: HSC DHA 123456 2019> SEND TO 16222 (from any operator's number)

Code Name of all education boards in Bangladesh:

DHA - Dhaka Board
Bar - Barisal Board
SYL - Sylhet Board
COM - Comilla Board
CHI - Chittagong Board
RAJ - Rajshahi Board
JES - Jessore Board
DIN - Dinajpur Board
MAD - Madrasah Board
TEC-Technical Board

You will get your desired HSC examination result at the return SMS. But due to the past few years of experience, it is often too late to get results in SMS.

2) Through Internet:

Results are published only on the Internet from the Education Board's web site. To get the results, go to the education board's website and fill up your test name, board, roll number, registration number, and fill in the specific room with the submit button, press the submit button. Or from here you can see your results.

এইচএসসি ফলাফল 2019 প্রকাশ তারিখ সব শিক্ষা বোর্ড। এইচএসসি ফল 2019 আমরা সবাই জানি যে এটি বাংলাদেশ শিক্ষা বোর্ডের ফলাফলের দ্বিতীয় বৃহত্তম। ফলাফল সব শিক্ষা বোর্ড একটি সময়ে কাছাকাছি প্রতি বছর প্রকাশিত হয়। সুতরাং প্রতিটি ছাত্র আমাদের ওয়েবসাইট থেকে খুব সহজেই ফলাফল জানতে সক্ষম হবে।

Hsc Result 2019 published date - 19th July , 2019

এই বছর 9,081 শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠান থেকে 13, 51,505 জন শিক্ষার্থীর মোট সংখ্যা। এদের মধ্যে 6, 64,496 পুরুষ এবং 6, 87,009 মহিলা শিক্ষার্থী পরীক্ষার সময়সূচি অনুযায়ী। মোট 11 টি, 38,747 জন 8 টি সাধারণ শিক্ষা বোর্ডের পরীক্ষায় বসতে পারবেন এবং 88,451 টি মাদ্রাসা শিক্ষা বোর্ডের পাশে এবং 1, ২4 ,২64 টি কারিগরি শিক্ষা বোর্ডের কাছ থেকে পাবে। এই বছর, 40,048 প্রার্থী আগের বছরের তুলনায় বেড়েছে।

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